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Friday, December 24, 2010

Best Positions for G-spot Stimulation during Lovemaking


Best Positions for G-spot Stimulation during Lovemaking

By: Dr Andrew Napier
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Date:Sep 21st 2010
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When stimulated, G-spot can cause a woman to achieve orgasm as it offers intense pleasure. When you work on G-spot, some women get the pleasure more than clitoris stimulation. You have to have a better idea of the G-spot location so that you can address it more confidently. While on bed with a woman, it is possible for you to give her a G-spot orgasm even if it is your first intimate relationship with her. Later on, as the mutual trust and intimacy grow, your confidence to approach her develops and her G-spot orgasms will become more probable. If you prove yourself a caring and loving partner, she will openly 'surrender' herself and you can work on her freely. Moreover, you also have to be aware of the best positions for G-spot stimulation to get maximum results.

Before you bring her to any of the best positions for G-spot stimulation, do some foreplay. You should not forget the fact that it is much easier for men to get themselves ready for lovemaking with very little stimulation. This is, however, not the case with women. They need more time to warm up and get aroused than men. If she is not aroused properly, even the best positions for G-spot stimulation will have little effect.

When the right time comes to work on her G-spot through a calculated entry, you have to try one of the best positions for G-spot stimulation to get the best results.

Some women prefer to be on top. This gives them more control over the speed and pressure when the G-spot is stimulated. Woman being on the top can be one of the best positions for G-spot stimulation for many, but not for all.

In 'doggie style', you will have more chance of stimulating the sensitive area. While she comes on her hands and knees, you can assume a comfortable position to work on her. While you keep working, she can adjust herself for the most pleasing position by arching her back or lowering herself towards the bed. You can control the motion jointly also - she should rock back onto you while you can thrust.

Whatever 'rear entry positions' you try, most of the women respond very well when you enter her from the rear. In this position, the tip of your organ works more directly over the G-spot.

Another position that offers good results is when you lie flat on bed and she straddles you backwards. She should face your feet, and grab your ankles. This position allows her to slide up and down, or she can rotate her hips making the figure 8.

Another one of the best positions for G-spot stimulation during lovemaking is when she lies on her side while you lie behind her. This position offers good G-spot stimulation even if the couple has different sizes or build.

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